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  • Standardization and quality: Sugar is a raw material that varies according to its origin and seasonality. With Sucroliq, the characteristics and specifications of the product are always controlled.
  • Operational costs are reduced: Sucroliq is a ready-to-use product, the process of handling and conditioning of granular sugar are removed.
  • Less product losses.
  • Because of the close process without environment contact, the contamination risk decreases and ensures the food safety.
  • We adapt according to the required specification of each client, generating a unique Business Model, optimizing the solution to their requirements.

Yes, in terms of dry basis the substitution of granular sugar with Sucroliq is direct.

Depending on the selected product, with a minimum of 30 days in the case of liquid sugar and a maximum of 90 days in inverted sugar.

It is a syrup of sucrose, fructose and glucose produced by sugar hydrolysis.

  • Increase in relative sweetness by 10-20%, in relationship with sugar and depending on its application.
  • Less sugar required/ less calories/ lower cost.
  • It doesn’t crystallize, so it can be handle at higher concentrations, increasing its shelf life.


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