Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the main advantages of Sucroliq liquid sugar?

    • Standardization: Sucroliq physicochemical characteristics are always consistent.

    • Increased shelf life: Because the product is refined into liquid it has a longer shelf life than other sucrose syrups.

    • Lower Costs: Eliminates dilution processes and decreases the storage space.

    • Reduced risk of contamination: By having a closed process there is no contact with the environment at any time and handling risks are non existent.

    • Flexibility: We adapt to customer needs by offering products and a business model according to the specifications of each client.

    2. Does the substitution of granular sugar for Sucroliq is direct?

    In dry basis terms, the replacement of granulated sugar for Sucroliq is direct.

    3. Is there a risk of crystallization?

    No, the concentrations at which the product is handled as well as its homogeneity cause no crystallization problems.

    4. What is the shelf life of Sucroliq?

    Due to the process to which Suclroliq is subjected and the microbiological controls we have, our liquid sugar is a highly stable product with a shelf life of up to 90 days.